To Foster or Adopt?

Gypsy, Xmas 2011, age 3

I’ve been thinking about getting a dog ever since I fell in love with Anna’s dog, Gypsy, who lives on a boat in Long Beach, Ca.

I’ve liked being a cat owner. We had Ashley for 17 years, till this spring. She’s buried in the yard.

But dogs go for walks,  are loyal and show they love you. I drove to three kitchen breeders nearby.  I almost got a Shipoo puppy.  That’s another story.

Duxie, age 2, Xmas 2011

In June, I adopted “Tony”,  an adult domestic shorthair  stray from the Ottawa Humane Society. She had been in the cat ward for three months.  I called her Duxie, for Ashley Redux; because she was a  clone of Ashley.

Then last week, I decided to fill out an application to foster a doggie – kind of like dipping  my toes in the water before diving in.  I’m fostering through Minpinerie, an Ottawa rescue group devoted to helping miniature pinschers.

Ashley relaxing on Pat's knee, 2005

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