Blood alert

Latest poop  has blood in it.  I’ve noticed little smudges of blood on her blanket all week, but assumed she might be showing signs of coming into heat.

But now it seems certain to be coming from her intestines. My minpin mentor, Louise Currie, tells me to get her to a vet. Louise suspects giardia or worse.The Internet Miniature Pinscher Service (IMPS – cuteness rules in petdom, I’m finding) will reimburse me for the vet bill.

Dr. Mossop inspects her, and asks me if I will “allow” him to take Crystal away to perform a vaginal and rectal exam. When I ask why he has to take her to the back room, he says it’s to avoid customer embarrassment.

If you really want to see her bloody stools, click here.  Otherwise I will spare you.

The vet finds “significant” blood in the rectum, but says it could be many things, including stress from her  journey. “Give her two pills a day and see how it goes.”

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