D is for…

Our outing yesterday  scores a D.

For Disaster!

I was trying to show her that walks do not always have to be paws on snow and ice. A quick trip  in the car to try her on the leash indoors. First stop – the vet clinic, to drop off a stool sample. I let the leash dangle and she smelled around. Success.

On to the pet store to buy high quality food for her tummy.  But “D” struck just inside the door.

She dove in back of low shelf lined with bags of kibble. As she scrambled to burrow in behind, bags fell down like dominoes.

It felt like a scene out of Something about Mary or Meet the Parents.

Store clerk tries to tempt with a doggie treat big enough to choke a mastiff. Not interested.  Customers feign disinterest, but all eyes on us. I’m on the floor trying to encourage her to decamp. No dice. I don’t want to pull her out  immediately and freak her out more. Little lad comes over to enjoy the action. We’re obstructing traffic, so I drag her out and wrap her in my coat.

We skulk to the back room for a “time out”.   When I think she’s calmed, we check out cans of expensive dogfood, with her in my arms.

But the book says if you carry them, they’ve won. So I  put her on the floor again in the  coats and booties aisle. She seems OK.  I try a coat on her. Too small.  Holding the leash, I rummage for something larger.   A second* later, Crystal breaks free and is running for cover. She’s bitten through the leash!   (she must have started biting it while I had it on her in the house, so she could get comfortable with it).

We find her down another aisle (at least she’s not cowering – this could be progress!). I drop the coat plan and scoop her, my coat, my purse, a 2kg. bag and two cans of dogfood, and exit for home.

Back at safe house

Sorry my sweet Crystal. I piled too much on you in one day.  Someday you will come to know that walks are fun.


*well, maybe 15 seconds


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