Why Missouri?

Why do I have a dog from Missouri cowering in my den?

Turns out, Missouri has been the puppymill capital of the United States for decades.

“One of every three puppies in America was born in Missouri, and almost 1,500 licensed large-scale breeding operations call the state home, along with an estimated 1,500 of their unlicensed, unregulated brethren.” writes Kase Wickman, in a shocking article in the River Front Times, a small newspaper in the state of Missouri.  Wickman’s article is about an emergency sell off of dogs from the biggest puppy mill in the state — the Schindlers of Mexico, Missouri.

Bonnie Schindler and her husband, Herman, are both 75 years old. They’ve bred and sold dogs in Missouri for almost 50 years. At one point, records show, they had 2,913 dogs, all but a few hundred of them breeding stock.

Go to complete article. Click here.

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