Week one – how’d we do?

Housetraining: B+   Three poops inside, four poops outside. She gets it!! Have to carry her outside so far, but am encouraging her to go to door on her own. Once outside, with no way back in, she knows and goes.  While I dance and praise in my PJs. Goal: to get her to go thru doorway to outside without being carried.

Eating: A Loves her food, always wants more.

Sit: First introded concept today. Goal:”sit” before meals and treat

Leash: D (See previous post… D is for)  Doesn’t object to having it on in the house, as long as I’m not on other end. Goal this week: Tie her to my waist inside? (suggestion from Louise)

Outside: C-  resists leash vigourously. So I took leash off outside and concentrated on poops and pees first. After “her business”, she gets to run back inside. Goal this week: to stay longer outside.

Car: D– she cowered in crate bringing her to my home.  So on  short rides to vet, I held her on my lap. After pet store trauma, lap again.  Goal: to show her car can be OK.  Goal#2: Be safer in car.

Excercise: FF  One reason for fostering was to get ME outside on good walks.  She’s been so cold/scared/resistant outside, I’ve never had LESS exercise in one week! Goal: it’s 11:37 a.m. GET DRESSED!

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2 Responses to Week one – how’d we do?

  1. Gillian says:

    Can’t believe you’re doing this. We’ve been through nearly three years with a very alpha terrier. She’s still not absolutely trained i.e. when we leave house, she’ll go anywhere she thinks we’ll be particularly upset, e.g. our bed when we left our bedroom door open accidently. She doesn’t come when called and she picks on smaller dogs. Sonny loves her. I’m not overwhelmed. But the good thing is she absolutely does get us outside. Minpin will too, eventually. I’m very impressed by your goal-setting. Seem absolutely achievable.

    • doggiemomma says:

      Gillian, thanks for comment – maybe you could use this advice from TheDogTrainingSecret.com group on Facebook:

      Yes, my strong-willed obstinate mischievious terrier becomes compliant immediately when I confront him with a deep-vocied growl. It tells him I am more fierce than he is and he submits immediately. otherwise, I am the cooing loving doting Mommy and how can he submit to that? hahahahhhaha He needs a strong pack leader, but when I use words it is not as effective. The nonverbal growl, he gets the message immediately, and becomes cooperative instantly.
      February 2 at 10:28am · Unlike · 1

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