Bills, bills, bills

Days as Crystal’s fostermomma:  8

Money out so far: $322.14 (give or take)

Stuff that's worked

Vet visit and antibiotics:$121.14, fecal test:$39.21,  meds for hook and whip worms: $26.30, boots:$22;  coat: $11, toys:$18, treats: $15.49 (doesn’t like any of them);petfood:$25, dog stairs (so she can get down from bed):$22(half price!); peepads, baggies, carpet cleaner etc etc

Minpinerie, through the international organization will cover medical bills.


Useless stuff (so far)

Fecal test result:  full of worms. Maybe that’s partly why she’s  lethargic.

Worm check in three weeks. Another vet visit.

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1 Response to Bills, bills, bills

  1. emilyrduce says:

    Spending the money on fosters sounds so familiar. A nicer collar, special treats, their own toys. At least my fosters liked the toys. Eventually she’ll come around, it’ll take some time.
    Oh, and good for you for fostering. It’s such a small thing that can have such a big impact on one other being.
    Keep plugging away at figuring out the blogging. I just started today.

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