Barking at life

Crystal’s instincts are conquering her submissive behaviour.  In the first 14 days, I heard her bark only two times — both at the  big dog in the apartment downstairs when he entered our place.

Well, now our world is beginning to be her oyster. She sees dogs thru the window and barks at them.  She also barked when Janet arrived yesterday, but not when my other guests did – which gave Janet pause – But I think it was just because Janet was first guest, and she also didn’t  approach Crystal and do the quiet-hand-smell-me introduction. It wasn’t for long, and I’m not concerned. On the contrary, it shows she is emerging. The moment you correct her, the ears go down, and she skulks away. Miss Sensitivity.  Puppymill bitches are commonly made submissive by the kennel owners – either whacking, or rough words etc.  I wonder if kennel owners can get the whole kennel to be quiet?

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