Pimp my ride

Dollarama coat and Sally Ann purse carrier

More than one way to walk a dog! We are doing great at going outside for her “business”. Only one “spill” and one Number two inside this week, and they were both on pads! That is amazing in so little time out of a crate, mate.

But walking on leash is still full of scary monsters – people, cars, ice, cold, other dogs. Especially other dogs. So I bought a satchel purse at the Sally Ann, and plop Crystal in it until we can get to a patch of pavement, and away from the house.  Then I put her down, further each day, and we walk back towards home.  I am trying to teach Heel, but we are both new to it, and  she pulls and occasionally gets freaked out, so I keep the walks  short – haven’t even made it around the block yet. The reward? Tempting smells at every yellow snow spot. But then she remembers home, and wants to rocket for home. I’m trying the left hand, short leash  – good dog good dog method, but she isn’t comfortable enough yet to want to be on a walk.

Just being on the front steps, smelling the air and watching the passing scene is bliss, at this stage. She’s a homebody. For now.

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