Decision Day?


Yesterday, the local head of Minpinerie, emailed :

  we  do nto have the doggy advertised  and she shoudl be  feeling better now…  do youhave any nice pictures  of her?  are you thinking of adopting her?
i have to ask..  I am not pushing either way…  I have good applicants  in halifax   and one in toronto   but  i have two dog s come in this week they are in windsor  and  then these at risk dogs in the states and i am going to be away  for  3  weeks starting march 21
Gulp… My reply:
Hi Ruth – I wondered how I would feel when this question of Crystal came, and here it is.
She is doing so well, I cannot believe how much she has adapted in only 3 weeks.  She is now going outside for “go pee”, wags and dances when I get out her coat because she knows that means a “walk” – she is waking up to the world!
I will put her up for adoption and consider taking more foster doggies.  The main reason not to adopt her is that I spend summers at a cottage, and want a dog that does not bolt. I know this breed must be kept on a leash.
I have been keeping a blog about our adventures. Would this be something you would, or would not, want shared with prospective adoptors?
Gulp again.
My mentor, Louise, sent me this email:
some minpins can be very well trained to be off leash…ruth takes some of them to dog park frequesntly…some wander and return, some stay close, some get to know the boundaries and some, welll, they will run to hunt every chance they get…it becomes owner’s responsiblily once the dog is adopted…
my Cashew grew up at a cottage where she was off leash for most of the summer…can’t do that here because we are too close to BAnk and Albion, and I personally am not comfortable with dogs off leash…
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