Forward-backward two-step

How does it happen? For days she poops outside, and then yesterday, poop on the bedroom rug, where she has NEVER pooped before.  Why there? Why not on the mat in the living room, which was the place she chose if she did it in the house?  Was it some kind of doggie message? Cesar teaches to get to the dog’s point of view, but I have no idea what that was about.

On the plus side, I landed on training video by Dr. Sophia Yin. She trains without speaking! I tried this with Crystal, to get her to sit. I hadn’t started on training yet, figuring I needed to get the  housebreaking and walk outside under our belts first.  But I decided to try yesterday.

It worked AMAZINGLY.  You can teach a fearful dog to sit in 5 minutes? AMAZING. Dr. Yin famously says “Throw out the food bowl”, and make dogs “work” for their food. She advocates making every interaction with your pet a training session. Could this lead to confidence, and help Crystal have more spirit?

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