New behaviours – serious

The behaviourist warned me that the real Crystal would emerge, once she became more comfortable in her surroundings. Jessica said many rescued mill dogs go through the growing up stages they missed, living life in a cage… puppyhood, adolescence etc.  Yesterday she chewed my slipper!  Imagine…chewing a slipper -A mature lady with many many grandchildren!

But a new behaviour has surfaced in the past week – and it is not cute – it is serious. She has snapped three times – biting.

First was Oscar night. Four people came over to watch the Academy Awards, and she barked at their arrival, and retreated to her area.  Later, I went to her couch with Roch and we sat with Crystal. We thought she was OK and relaxed, but as he moved to get up, she bit his arm. Twice.

I reasoned that we were in her space, so it was our fault.  But last night it happened again with Brad, our neighbour from downstairs, whom she has seen several times without incident. He was petting her, and talking to her for more than 10 minutes, then as he went to get up, she tried to bite.

Earlier Michelle had come calling, and Crystal growled and barked at her, even though Michelle also has been with Crystal on several occasions, and an experienced dog owner.

I’ve been reading about aggression, and the American Assoc. Against Cruelty to Animals has excellent site that categorizes aggression.  I guess Crystal’s reaction was Fear  Aggression, or perhaps a combination of Social Aggression, Territorial Aggression mixed with Fear Aggression. See categories here.

Whatever the category, this is concerning, and serious. Yesterday was one month with Crystal.

UPDATE:  This morning, an altercation occurred between cat and Crystal — I didn’t see it, just heard the alarm sounds from both of them. I shouted “Hey!” and Crystal skulked to her nest, and Duxie’s hair was standing up.  This after a month of getting along.



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3 Responses to New behaviours – serious

  1. Bill Perkins says:

    Hi Nancy. Any updates ? I drop by daily and was curious.

  2. Gillian says:

    What’s happening? Do you still have her or not? Biting is really serious.

    • doggiemomma says:

      Just back from Grand Canyon with son.

      Will tell the next chapter of story of Crystal tomorrow.



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