Slow down!

Louise, my minpin rescue mentor, called, concerned over an email I had  cc’d to her:

Hi Bill –
Thank you so much for taking the time to read the blog.
She will need lots of patience — after days of poop success, today I was having my coffee, and she pooped on carpet —

Subject: Help with Crystal

Hi Nancy. I mentioned your dog to a co-worker last night. She’s young but knows dogs and recently became a certified dog trainer. She offered to help you in any way she can.Dropped by your blog today she is one beautiful dog.


Louise thinks I am expecting too much of Crystal.  I was taking her outside on leash, repeating “go pee” and not letting her in until she did.
Also, I was taking her out in front, which is thru 3 doors to get through front entry (She is somewhat scared of doors.)rather than on back deck  (directly beside her “nest”) because my sister, longtime owner of dogs, disapproved. Sister said she would always go on deck and it would smell etc.
Louise, on the other hand, says it is early days yet, and it took her 6 months to get Molly to do business outdoors.  Six months!!
So I stopped the leash program, for now.  I say “go pee” a couple times inside the house, and  encourage her to come thru the doors on her own.  She usually runs away, so finally I pick her up and put her outside.
But THREE times now, she has exited thru the doors on her OWN!! Usually in mid-afternoon, when sun is highest.  I have begun just sitting with her on the steps in the sunshine outdoors, before or after her “go pee” , and she loves that.  It’s been cold (-12C) so I bundle her in coat and on my lap. she likes that. Because it’s so cold, I praise her as she is going, and then let her go back inside as soon as she is finished. She LOVES that.
Thank you Louise.
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